It’s Star Wars Day!

Nick Nicoludis :: Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 1:40 pm

“May the 4th be with you” is the catch phrase for today according the aptly titled That’s right, the seminal sci-fi movies that created the nerd-turned-cool-in-college aesthetic have their own unofficial holiday. Although the movie actually premiered May 25th, 1977, the date was picked for its obvious punabilty. So grab a light-saber, some popcorn, a gallon of soda, your inhaler and some friends and lock yourself in a room and watch the entire series. Or you could read any one of the hundreds of spin-off books or play one of the four RPG board games (yeah, I’ve played them before).

George Lucas hasn’t commented on today’s festivities, but he has lent some footage from the first three films to the company JibJab’s website where you can put yourself into the films (linked here). And in other Star Wars news, Lucas commented on Acces Hollywood a little while back, saying he’s been looing into “trying to take ‘Star Wars’ and put it in 3-D.”

So enjoy the day, and as always, May the force be with you!