The Dust Bin

The Dust Bin: Blur’s Think Tank

Danny Fasold :: Saturday, February 13th, 2010 7:00 pm

This Week’s Focus: Blur’s Think Tank. I’ve always had a good amount of respect for Blur fans. Not only do they have awesome taste in music, but they’re much harder to come by than their Oasis-loving peers. So when one Blur-head meets another, it’s like something akin to watching a couple of Dune fans geek out on each other about sandworms and foldspace and things of this nature.

But it’s with even greater difficulty that you will find a Blur fan who thinks Think Tank is not only a cohesive record, but one of their very, very best. As the band’s final record before permanently calling it quits in 2003, Think Tank’s probably more well known for having painfully and maliciously ruptured the relationship between Damon Albarn and Graham Coxen than it is for actually having good music. During production, Albarn was able to coax only one song out of Coxen before he stormed out of the studio, guitar in hand. That song was “Battery in Your Leg,” and it’s probably no coincidence that it was track-listed as the last song on the record, or also that it sounds so poignant.  MORE »