Leading German Gambling Machine Manufacturers Asks For Regulation of Online Casinos

The market for online casinos is fairly unexploited when it comes to Germany, so along with a growing gambling community comes questions of regulations. This is something that the leading gaming machine manufacturer and operator associations of Germany have been pointing out lately. They are calling for support of the third amended State Treaty of German Gambling in regulating online casino slots and taking it in a more liberal direction. The Bundesverband Automatenunternehmer, Automatenverband Niedersachen eV and Fachverband Spielhallen all take a positive stand on this development. As stated by these machine manufacturers, this is a good start, but only a start nonetheless, as this new treaty only will be effective until the 30th of June 2021 and this is… Read More

Why online casinos are money-makers for sports bookies

The online gambling market has tripled in the UK since 2014’s new legislation, and it continues to expand. In that regard, more and more sports betting operators are shifting their focus to online casino branches.  The robust growth of the remote gambling industry is powered by improved communication technologies, the rise of disposable income and the implementation of supportive regulations. Online casinos are now more accessible than ever. No wonder sports betting companies are eager to grab a piece of this huge market pie. Here are some more reasons that make the diversification so alluring. Upside market potential The online gambling industry has seen immense growth since its inception in the 90s. In 2017, the market volume was estimated at… Read More

5 Factors you need to Consider when considering an e-Commerce Web Hosting Plan

With tons of eCommerce web hosting solutions in the market to choose from, it can be tempting to go with the first one you come across. And while some of you could get lucky and face no issues with your choice in the years to follow, things might not work well for all of us. Therefore, it is always best to do a bit of research and ensure that your e-commerce plan meets all your business hosting needs and offer flexibility as you scale your business in the future. One quick way to scale is to Buy automatic instagram likes. Why your e-commerce web hosting plan matters, you ask? It’s pretty common for e-commerce hosting companies to offer comparable… Read More

Assessing the legality of online casino in New Zealand

Online casino in New Zealand
Gambling in New Zealand is legal. It has been a part of their community for years now, and has undergone a lot of changes since its legalization centuries ago. We also see an influx of new online casinos coming into the market, such as Gate 777. The concept of gambling remains unchanged, but the form at is what has undergone evolution. New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs regulates all the gambling activities in the country. In 1961, the department formed a board called the Totalizator Agency Board. The board was responsible for the legalization of betting on horse racing on and off the course. All operations of the gambling industry are run by institutions owned by the state, with… Read More

United Kingdom’s plan to tax Online Casinos for Free Spins

united kingdom to tax online casino
Going by media reports from last week, free plays and related discounts from online gambling operators are going to be subject to a new tax that takes effect from 1st August, 2017. The tax has been discussed widely, with different stakeholders in the industry voicing their opinions about its implications. The new taxation regime was removed from the Finance Bill 2017 previously, but now it seems like it is back and will be implemented after all. In the Finance Bill 2017, free plays would be dealt with differently according to recommendations published by HM Revenue and Customs. The changes concerning freespins for UK players proposed that the free plays should be added to the Remote Gaming Duty that licensed… Read More

Brazilian businessman wins $3.5 million on high stakes roulette

Pedro Grendene Bartelle wins $3,5m
Usually, we have to wait until somewhere close to the end of the year to gather a little dirt about the luckiest man of said year, but it seems like roulette gave us the undisputed 2017 champion back in January. In a series of video clips that went viral, a Brazilian casino punter walked away with a cool $3.5 million from a single roulette spin in which he had sunk more than $100,000.   Playing some super high stakes Roulette Businessman Pedro Grendene Bartelle was just having a good time with his friends, in the Hotel Conrad in Punta Del Este, located on the coast of Uruguay. A mug of beer in hand and a few aces up his sleeve,… Read More

Getting to grips with the T-Trex Motorcycle

For the first time in the history of motoring, a Montreal, Quebec-based motor company, Campagna, is gracing the streets in the form of a three-wheeled jalopy called T-Rex. This is not your ordinary car as it has only three wheels, something that put the authorities in a limbo concerning its classification. Finally in 2016, however, enthusiasts managed to put the strange-looking contraption onto the road, having spent more than $50,000 to acquire one. Campagna Goes Back To 1988 T-Rex is Daniel Campagna’s brainchild. He started the company way back in 1988 but could not quite find a leeway into the market despite his knowledge of fast-moving cars. His first attempt was nothing more than an improved go-kart and did not… Read More

The First Offshore Wind Power Turbines in Rhode Island Poised For Launch

Deepwater Wind is installing the first offshore wind power turbines in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States. Equipped with 80 meter-long blades, the five 6-megawatt wind turbines are expected to power homes in Block Island, where electricity bills are the highest in the country. Having received a $290M financial boost last year, Deepwater Wind entered a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with the National Grid to acquire the power company that supplies power to Rhode Island. The Rhode Island scenario is not an isolated case; by the end of 2015, the US had installed about 74GW of wind power, which was enough electricity to cater for 20 million homes. The Cheapest Electricity Around Wind energy, that is windmills Read More

New Almond Technology: Isolating The Good, The Bad And The Bitter

California has been the object of many epithets over the years, and calling it the World Almond Capital isn’t far off the mark. To put this in perspective, the state produces 80% of the total almonds in the world, a monumental figure by any standards. Raw almonds have this subdued feel while the roasted ones have an intense smoky or salty taste. However, bad almonds taste strange and bitter when cooked, which is why the industry works hard to isolate the good from the bad when raw. The problem is that not all damaged almonds will be easy to spot and pick out with the naked eye. The bad fruit will darken when cooked but you don’t want to go… Read More

Pramiracetam For Increased Brain Function

Don’t we all just wish we were so brilliant that it didn’t take too much brain work to excel in our work or studies? Of course there are individuals who possess this ability just by virtue of the genes they inherited. These are the people whose comprehension is really fast and have a memory that seems to be compartmentalized better than the rest of us. Research into smart drugs reveals that there is still hope for people who need to boost their cognitive abilities. Pramiracetam was developed in 1970 as a nootropic supplement. It has been under constant scrutiny since it was administered to a patient for the first time in 1978. For those who happen to be unfamiliar with… Read More