Getting to grips with the T-Trex Motorcycle

For the first time in the history of motoring, a Montreal, Quebec-based motor company, Campagna, is gracing the streets in the form of a three-wheeled jalopy called T-Rex. This is not your ordinary car as it has only three wheels, something that put the authorities in a limbo concerning its classification. Finally in 2016, however, enthusiasts managed to put the strange-looking contraption onto the road, having spent more than $50,000 to acquire one.

Campagna Goes Back To 1988

T-Rex is Daniel Campagna’s brainchild. He started the company way back in 1988 but could not quite find a leeway into the market despite his knowledge of fast-moving cars. His first attempt was nothing more than an improved go-kart and did not appeal to many motoring enthusiasts. It required the intervention of Dr. Deutschman, a product of automotive engineering from Hatfield Polytechnic, to get the vehicle to appeal to the fancy of motorists by tweaking its design to its present form.

Dr. Deutschman’s efforts paid off when the vehicle, under the name T-Rex Campagna, went on sale featuring the Kawasaki or Suzuki drive train. Since neither of the companies had struck a deal with Campagna, business was difficult as they had to buy bikes and disassemble them to make the three-wheeler. However, a major hurdle remained the classification of the vehicle: It was neither a motorbike nor a car yet had elements of both.

Campagna Secured Approval In America

Campagna Motors’ hopes were on the brink of extinction when Polaris, another motor company with enormous financial power, came onto the scene with a similar vehicle and pushed for its recognition and classification. Campagna jumped onto the bandwagon and managed to secure approval to operate on roads across America, including Ontario.



Ontario has since launched a pilot program that paves way for the acceptance of three-wheelers onto its roads. The Ministry involved has determined that such vehicles be treated as motorcycles but would not need the M registration which is reserved for motorbikes. An official from the Ministry explains that T-Rex motorcycle has the behavior elements of both a motorcycle and a passenger car as it can accommodate two people sitting side by side just like in a car but is one wheel down.

Campagna is contented with this classification because he doesn’t think motorbike skills can help anyone tame his three wheeled monster. While a motorbike rider may need to lean into it to negotiate a corner, such skill is not necessary with Campagna’s vehicle.

Not Everyone Can Manage This Beast

Campagna now offers two models for his vehicle, a re-designed version of the original T-Rex, and a later model referred to as the V13R. Both versions still bear vestiges of Deutschman’s design although he was not involved in their manufacture. The company doesn’t need to dismantle motorbikes as it has struck a deal with BMW to provide it with engines.

It is a bit tricky driving the T-Rex for the first time. Most of its gears are operated backwards, save for the first. In addition, the driving position is a little strange, placed low to aid the stability of the vehicle. However, the vehicle can clock a 240 km/hr speed. You will however have to contend with the shrill sound of the engine when in top flight. A used T-Rex motorcycle for sale usually goes for $10,000 whilst a completely new one is around $50,000.

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