Party Down Canceled: Sad Day for Television

Matt Kiebus :: Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 4:35 pm

party down imageThe best show absolutely no one was watching has gotten the axe from the executives at Starz today. Easily one of the best comedies on television, Party Down has created an extremely loyal and dedicated fan base. It’s a shame that fan base consisted of me and the other 14 people that have Starz. Party Down also suffered from the tragedy of being perfectly cast. From Adam Scott and Ken Marino to Martin Starr the cast wasn’t just good — it was too good. Over the show’s two-season history it saw main cast members leave the show for better opportunities, like Jane Lynch going to Glee and Adam Scott joining Parks and Recreation.

It’s tough watching perfect TV shows canceled like Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, and Party Down. You gotta feel for Martin Starr, the guy was part of two of them.

This gets canceled, yet @#$! My Dad Says starring William Shatner is a focal point of the CBS fall lineup. Ugh TV executives might as well take a shit in my living room. Maybe Party Down will be saved by another cable network similar to DirectTV rescuing Friday Night Lights. But I wouldn’t even keep my fingers crossed.

Today we mourn the loss of Party Down, but if you can find the time do yourself a favor and watch the first two seasons on Netflix. You’re not going to find cameo appearances by Steve Gutenberg and Patrick Duffy anywhere else. Trust me its funny.