Jay-Z: Indie Rock More Rebellious Than Hip-Hop

SXB :: Thursday, June 10th, 2010 7:51 pm

Now I’ve heard everything. Jay-Z in a new interview with Rolling Stone praises indie rock as more “rebellious” than hip-hop.

Apparently someone forgot to tell the indie rock crowd, because they talk constantly about how indie-rock has become toothless, having long lost its claim on danger and rebellion to hip-hop. Is the grass always greener?

“I love the energy coming out indie rock right now,” he says. “It has this rebellion thing that hip-hop is missing now, the thing that made hip-hop hip-hop.”

Maybe. But rebellion doesn’t buy you an 8,000 square foot loft in Tribeca to share with Beyonce—even if you’re Grizzly Bear. Maybe that’s the point—maybe rebellion stops being rebellious when it meets massive mainstream success.

Jay also has interesting things to say about business, marriage, and the kind of art that is not allowed in his house. Click here to check it out.