Courtney Love’s Name-Change is No Game-Changer

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 4:05 pm

So the ever-rational Courtney Love, after some serious soul-searching, has decided to change her name from what she calls her “oppressive” stage name, which she’s been known by for decades, to “Courtney Michelle,” her first and middle birth names, as if it could do something to revitalize her image.

The double-name thing is reminiscent of all of those lame, scene-y girls on social networking sites that herald their photos with “~Jessica Elizabeth~” or “Jamie x Leigh” typed above them as if their middle names were actually their surnames.  In light of Love’s (I’m refusing to humor this dumb flash in the pan of a rebirth, f-fight the power?) recent single, “Skinny Little Bitch,” which rails against unintelligent, appearance-based bimbettes, one would think she’d want to distance herself from that particular breed of lady.

MySpace queens aside, the name change will do nothing for her career, as every celebrity who has done it would tell you if they were being honest and their idiot pride didn’t get in the way.  As Shakespeare once said, “A P. Diddy by any other name would smell as sweet,” and although I’m not about to comment on what Courtney Love smells like, I’ll agree that she’ll remain the same erratic,  bottle-blond tabloid darling, albeit in some slightly tweaked packaging.