Obama’s Ratings Plummet With Oil Issues

Robin Bacior :: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 2:00 pm

In a recent Nationwide-poll conducted by CBS News and New York Times, numbers reflect significant animosity towards Obama’s recent choices regarding environmental decisions.

Many Americans are concerned with the financial burden being created by the spill. According to poll statistics 59 percent of Americans think Obama’s plan for handling the spill has been weak, 54 percent think he lacks a clear enough plan for creating new jobs for those affected by the BP spill, and 48 percent disapprove of his handling of the economy in general. Eek.

Surprisingly, those directly affected who actually live on the Gulf, are more optimistic. Last week Obama announced a $20-billion fund will be created to compensate for overall damages, and most Gulf residents claim to be confident in Obama’s word.

A majority of Americans stated they think stronger restrictions need to be implemented on offshore drilling. But are Americans doing their part? According to the poll, Americans have made the assumption we’ll all be running on alternative fuel within the next 25 years, but when it comes to helping out and paying more for gasoline, nobody’s interested. If we’re all going to expect Obama to move mountains, we may have to accept that the changes will come with a price tag.