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Folks, Let’s Help Glenn Beck!

Danielle Johnsen :: Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 5:39 pm

Yes, you read that correctly. I want to help the $32 Million “average joe” pick out the book cover for his latest thriller. The partiot every man talk show host will soon add political thriller novelist to his many titles with his upcoming book, titled ‘The Overton Window. And he needs YOU! Well he might not need us, because he can pick himself by his own boot straps, but he does want our input on the cover art to grace his novel which hits shelves on June 15th. The intriguing story follows America during a time of crisis after “the rise of a citizens’ group called the Founders Keepers, which ‘leads to a battle and a civil war, and life is upside-down planetwide.’” Oooh sounds compelling and not at all like ‘Atlas Shrugged‘. So do us a favor, stop whatever socialist/commie project you are working on and give a real American a hand, would you? And no worries folks, ACORN will not be messing with this vote.

Personally, I prefer the golden details of the statue in NYC and the nearly weeping American flag on the floor in DC, but thats just me. Whats your favorite?