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Double Rainbow Guy: Trippin’ Hippie’s Freak Out Goes Viral (VIDEOS)

Travis Walter Donovan :: Thursday, July 8th, 2010 7:15 pm

Double Rainbow Guy” is the latest offering from this age of contagious social media that we live in. The original video, posted by YouTube user “Hungrybear9562″, has lit up the internet like an electrical storm.

As testament to the speed at which our world now moves, an ancillary electrical storm of re-mixes and redactions on “Double Rainbow Guy” has now sprouted up in tandem.

Double Rainbow Guy has captured the hearts of young kids everywhere—until the next piano playing animal or dancing baby comes along, anyway. Check out the original video, and some hilarious tributes below.

The handheld, single-shot clip is pretty simple: random guy in the woods stumbles upon a “double rainbow all the way.” It’s the cameraman’s reaction that is sensationally unexpected and awesome.

The three-and-a-half minute video unfolds like an epic symphony, swelling in emotional intensity as the narrator (presumably chillin’ on some mushrooms, peyote, or other preferred mind-altering rainbow-loving substance) begins with requisite stoner-voiced “whoa”s, “wow”s and “oh my god”s. But the truly hilarious spectacle commences as Double Rainbow Guy gets swept away in the emotional excitement— “so bright and vivid.” The magnificent sight forces him to question the divine implication of the event, repeatedly imploring, “What does it mean?!” while breaking down into awestruck hysterical sobs.
But things only really start to get interesting in the remixes…

The original Double Rainbow Guy:

The Double Rainbow Guy Song:

KFC’s Double Down Double Rainbow Guy Parody:

James Urbaniak’s Mash-Up Of Double Rainbow Guy And Kermit The Frog’s “Rainbow Connection”:
The Double Rainbow Connection (Remix) by gdelahaye