Social Media Gets A Little Weird/Kinky

Nick Nicoludis :: Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 6:25 pm

As if sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, the ancient Myspace, and archaic LiveJournal aren’t voyeuristic enough the website, that seems to be creating a real buzz lately, I Just Made Love! is adding a whole new dimension to the modern notion of sharing one’s entire life on the interweb. It seems, to me at least, that some people live their lives completely on social networking websites. “If I’m not tagged in that picture on Facebook I wasn’t there” or “if I don’t post on Twitter about something it didn’t happen” is a common mentality these days, so naturally some people think, if i don’t post on a website that I had sex, then I must not have actually done it.

The website is exactly what it sounds like. Created by Cyprian Ciećkiewicz, a 26 year-old Polish computer programmer, the site allows users from Lima to Moscow to post little icons that inform the world of the sexual encounters. There are currently about 80,000 sex-markers around the world. Ciećkiewicz came up with the idea one night as he drove around Warsaw thinking: “How many people are making love right now, at this very moment?” according to an interview on the Daily Beast website. So he decided to make it possible for everyone to know when other people are getting it on.

It’s not really a surprise that a site like this is taking off like it is. We live in era where we must know everything about everyone all the time. Now that includes your sex life! (if you have one) So here’s how the site works: there are little icons that show the locations of where the dirty deeds go down. When you click on the icon a pop-up window appears that tells you the sexes of the partners (whether male/female, male/male, female/female…) and the positions that were employed in the “love making.” Oh but there’s more. Users can also show with little icons in the pop-up window where specifically the horizontal monster mash popped off; i.e. a little couch, or a bed or even a little car icon can be posted. But no site like this would be complete without comments, so naturally users can add little comments like: “not the best” or “gggreeat oral” or even “hot and sweaty but not very passionate” (all comments come from actual posts in the NYC area).

So lets get to it. You can already know my name, school, what I look like from pictures, my ‘pages’ and where I work from Facebook. Also, you can find out what is on my mind 24/7 via Twitter. Now you can see where I’ve had some genital to genital connection via the I Just Made Love website. So, if you want others to know you did the dirty in the Men’s room of a McDonalds, post it or if you are in high school and want the other guys to think you’re cool post it and lie by saying you had sex under the local trestle with that girl who just moved to another town. I don’t think social media can probe any further into out lives but according to someone somewhere has the acquired the domain name

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