Tila Tequila Album Prepares to Implode

Shannon Hassett :: Thursday, February 18th, 2010 1:50 pm

The photo to the left is the actual image sent in Tila’s big album announcement, proving the star’s success will continue to rely on her ability to pigeonhole herself. Everyone loves a good downfall; the triumphant comeback — but it seems a new archetype has been ushered in as of late: the meta dumbass. There is no way to summarize Tila’s career as anything but the conscious exploitation of her own unworth as a person. After a stagnant reign at bottom feeder, the release of an actual EP, titled Welcome to the Darkside (what else?), might finally prove the necessary catalyst for Tequila’s nosedive into obscurity. “I Love My DJ,” the first track to be unveiled, seems to provide in its title the hopeful confirmation of such a feat.