Fashion Week Ain’t Shit Compared To ’90s Sitcom Style

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Monday, February 15th, 2010 6:20 pm

It’s Fashion Week in New York City, and it seems like all my friends are frothing at the mouth about their favorite overpriced designer’s new collections.  I love fashion, don’t get me wrong, but I tend to do a lot of hiding during Fashion Week.  I don’t much go in for the crowded parties, the guilt-inducing gift bags (I hate that free clothing/swag goes to the people that obviously need it the least), and the seemingly endless discussions about draping, ruching, eviscerating, defenestrating, and whatever other verbs people are applying to clothing these days.

This Fashion Week, I’ve chosen to focus instead on a classic style icon who has inspired the masses over the years.  Yes, I’m talking about Roseanne Barr, the charming, eponymous star of the ’90s sitcom Roseanne. Third And Delaware, a fan-made fashion blog, chronicles style high points culled from every episode of the show.  If you want the ultimate counterpoint to obsessively clicking through for up-to-the-minute new designs from today’s most sought-after designers, this will be your oasis.  In the upcoming season, let Roseanne be your inspiration (I can barely type this without compulsively wanting to include a “Death + Taxes does not condone this kind of behavior.  Be responsible”-type disclaimer).

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