Hey New York, A Gift From Me to You

Amy Laviero :: Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 1:25 pm

A study published last month reported that, when it comes to happiness, New York ranks dead last when compared to any other state in the country.  As if this accomplishment weren’t enough, the whole tri-state area monopolizes the bottom three spots on the list with Connecticut at 51 and New Joisey at 50.  Not only is New York sad but so are its neighbors.  Alas, no shit;  I love New York, but I would hardly consider it a state full of sunshine individuals.  In fact, I’m pretty sure there are precisely two types of unhappy New Yorkers; the kind that are legitimately miserable and those who, according to Chuck Klosterman, “are unhappy on purpose because unhappiness makes them seem more complex.”

According to the study, the sunniest and most outdoorsy states rank at the top; Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida.  Apparently happiness is linked to sunshine, congestion, and air quality and your New York forecast for Wednesday, January 20th is overcast with a 95% chance of crowded subways and polluted air.

Well, since our tri-state readers could use some cheering up, I’ve compiled a list of blogs to give your Zygomatic Major muscle a workout.

1 - FML - A tried and true classic.

2 - Texts from Last Night - A bit overrated and I still refuse to believe that each post is real, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

3 - Look at this fucking hipster - Genius.  Seriously, look at these fucking hipsters.

4 - People of Walmart - Horrific documentation of our Nation’s finest, with a peppering of celebrity cameos.  Steven Tyler from Aerosmith looked less than pleased to be photographed during his Walmart excursion and apparently, Elvis really isn’t dead.

5 - Shit My Dad Says - Researchers claim that you become happier as you age.  Apparently you get funnier too.

6 - Sleeptalkin’ Man - This man is nothing short of a sleep genius.  I’d like to know what his normal activities entail.

7 - Overheard in New York - Cat calls, snipits of phone conversations, and Schizophrenic ramblings.  Perhaps the reason we’re all so sad.