James Franco To Teach At Yale

Alex Moore :: Monday, July 19th, 2010 2:30 pm

James Franco is making the rest of us look bad. In addition to his surprisingly good short story published in Esquire, his avant garde art installation in New York, his wading into Andy Kaufman territory with a recent stint on General Hospital and his forthcoming adaptation of the Allen Ginsberg’s Howl into a feature film, the hunkiest overachiever in Hollywood has just announced that he’ll be teaching a course at Yale in January, where he’s a PhD candidate starting this fall.

Franco is sure to catch shit from some of the incoming class at Yale, who will question his credentials, and in fact the hazing began almost immediately with an article from The Yale Herald: “Last we heard he was just hoping to TA a class, but is Franco really going to teach something? And what? Is he taking over for Bloom in January? ‘Acting for English Majors’? ‘James Franco, A Comparative Study’? ”Me’?”

But with all the Lindsay Lohan celebrities hell bent on self destruction and relentless stupidity, we should all be cheering for a guy whose ambitions trend toward self-betterment and who by all counts appears to be smarter than all of us—even if is totally dreamy.

Take that, haters at the Yale Herald, and heed the advice, lest Professor Franco fail you for insubordination.