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Get To The Choppa! Dickies Presents: 874 vs 1850cc

Alex Moore :: Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 5:00 pm

This is amazing. I currently ride a newer 500cc motorcycle, which is reasonably heavy. Before that I had an old 750cc which was so heavy that once when I crashed it I was stuck there trying to pick it up like a jackass until someone else came along and helped me lift it. So how heavy is a 1200cc chopper? I don’t know—but very heavy. And very powerful.

Dickies has released a new video to demonstrate how tough their 874 pants are. They’ve got two iron beasts playing tug-of-war with these things. Given how much of a fight the pants put up, I wish I’d been wearing some 874s the time I crashed my 750.

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