ExtensionFM Will Revolutionize Your Music Habit

Stephen Blackwell :: Friday, May 28th, 2010 11:30 am

Listening to god-awful indie music on websites is a habit shared by many, many people. ExtensionFM, a plugin for Google’s Chrome browser available for download, has just made it easier.

The plugin is a simple indexer. It sucks in the .mp3s that populate the free-music sites across the Internet that you might visit. If there are twenty songs on a free-music site that might be worth listening to, you no longer have to stay on the site and click around, as ExtensionFM captures all of their offerings and organizes them in a easy-to-navigate tab in your browser. You can listen to the music whenever you’d like. So you can spend two seconds on a site, as opposed to two minutes, more or less eliminating the need for editorial, which is a possibly spooky implication of such a plugin.

So far I’ve downloaded 93 songs from across the Internet and most of them suck (you ever notice there is no qualitative difference between a Wavves demo and an actual release?), but organizing the suck is an elegant and addictive process. Though I am sure that’s not how they’d like their product to be perceived.