Best CD We Got In The Mail: Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport

DJ Pangburn :: Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 1:10 pm

Fuck Buttons open Tarot Sport in brilliant fashion with “Surf Solar,” simultaneously taking us into the future and back into retro territory. Bubbling synths coated in layers upon shimmering layers of reverb give way to buried shoegaze noise and razor-like arpeggios, reminiscent of those spun so effortlessly by Underworld in their electronic epics of yore. Imagine, if you will, “Juanite/Kiteless/To Dream of Love” run through an array of equalizers, then recorded onto cassette tape and blasted out of Skywalker Labs’ most heinous digital soundsystem. This is the sonic equivalent of visible light breaking the laws of eletromagnetism and optics, refusing to be bent into its constituent colors, and scattering itself across oblivion. (Read the rest after the jump!)



Issue 21, Magazine

Foreign Born “Lights, Camera, Action”

DJ Pangburn :: Thursday, September 10th, 2009 4:32 pm

“I was a hotel spy for a week filling in for my friend,” Matt Popieluch tells me during my interview with the band he fronts, nascent pop rockers Foreign Born. “I would go around to these hotels in the morning, for three hours every day of the week, and I’d walk around and look at the kiosk where they were showing who was meeting there that day, like Verizon Wireless in the Veranda Room. I would say it into the tape recorder, and these messages would be mailed to some company in Nebraska.”  MORE »


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