Pine Pollen A Natural Hormone Boosting Remedy

There are plenty of testosterone boosters out there that are synthetic. When you get one that is natural then it makes things even better. Pine pollen has a potent supply of actual male hormones. We don’t know of many plants that have androgens in them therefore having one that works so well should be a reason to smile.

Everybody wants to sleep better and have an energy filled day. The typical day at work can wear a lot of us out even before it’s mid-day. As you are about to learn pine pollen can help you combat the fatigue. It’s also the same story with body builders. They too need a supplement that can help them develop and see tangible gains and pine pollen does that for them. Here are a few pine pollen benefits in case you need some more convincing.

1. Boosts your testosterone.

The androgens found in pine pollen are the real deal and not some mimetic. The male hormones that our bodies make are the same ones you will find in a tincture of the stuff. This is good news mostly to middle aged men whose hormone levels have begun to dip . You will find 80nanograms of testosterone in a single gram of pine pollen. This means that in a hundred grams of pine pollen there lies 8,000nanograms of the authentic hormone. The average man has about 250-1000nanograms.

Take half a tea spoon or one tea spoon of pine pollen every day for two weeks and you shall begin to feel the changes. It is particularly beneficial for body building since it gives you the endurance to push yourself further.

Aside from the bountiful supply of testosterone it also has protein. This is the same reason body builders use pine pollen supplements as their natural testosterone booster. It’s hard to believe that the yellow substance from pine trees that sticks to the bottom of your car could do you such good, but it does.

2. Alleviates erectile dysfunction and improves sperm count and fertility.

The natural super-food has arginine which is the antecedent for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the chemical compound in the body that boosts blood flow to the penis. Arginine is also spermigenic and improves fertility.

3. Anti-agingeffects

DHEA(dehydroepiandrosterone)is a hormone that is made by the body naturally by the adrenal glands. The hormone is multi-functional and improves sex drive, fights anti-ageing effects, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and reduces depression. This hormone can be synthesized in the lab but so is it found in pine pollen.

4. Fires up the immune system

Pine pollen like other immune boosting natural options like Chaga mushroom has polysaccharides which are food for the immune system. With a good supply of these polysaccharides your body should be able to stay revitalized and ready to combat anything that tries to compromise your immunity.

By now there might be one or two who would like to buy pine pollen and it out. The best place to start is your local natural food supplier. You can also order online through Amazon.



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