Benefits Of Royal Jelly And Bee Pollen

A lot of people only associate bees with honey, but there is much more that comes from their activities at the hive. Bee pollen and royal jelly are nutrition for the bee and are just as healthy for human beings.

In recent years, these natural super foods have gained prominence thanks to their health benefits and the fact that they cannot be synthesized in a laboratory. From body builders to natural food enthusiasts, these two bee products have become the new craze. Victoria Beckham even tweeted about her new found love for bee pollen proclaiming it as her new super-food and Slowfoodnation writes it’s one of the best superfood they come across.

The process that goes into making these two is even more fascinating than the benefits you stand to gain once your inculcate them into your diet. Bee pollen, for instance, takes millions upon millions of pollen from flowers to make, but the granules are the size of an antacid pill. So what are the health benefits of royal jelly and bee pollen? Let’s begin with royal jelly.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

It is food for the queen bee. Worker bees secrete this substance and feed it to the larvae as they develop. The queen bee feeds exclusively on royal jelly her entire life!

· Antioxidant qualities

Human health today is ridden with all sorts of ailments that baffle the medical community. That is the reason everyone wants some antioxidants. It all begins with the harmful effects of cells that oxidize. These lead to degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease. Royal jelly stops the process of oxidizing since it is filled with high amounts of several antioxidants.

· Brain function enhancement

High quality fresh royal jelly has the effect to give you a euphoric feeling that clears the mind. Scientists researching about royal jelly fed rats with a toxic compound designed to kill brain cells. After this they fed them with royal jelly and were surprised to find that royal jelly protected the rats’ brains. Once you use royal jelly and experience the alertness that comes with it you will definitely see the sense in this research.

· Liver protection

Your liver filters everything you take in therefore it is vital that it stays healthy. Seeing as the simple act of drinking tap water exposes you to over 200 toxic compounds you want to help your liver fight toxins with some fresh royal jelly.

Now let’s take a look at bee pollen and what it can do for you.

Benefits of Bee Pollen

· Fight skin conditions 

Topical products that aim to fight common skin irritations make use of bee pollen. Amino acids and proteins found in the supplement help in regeneration of cells. Common conditions like psoriasis and eczema can effectively be treated by using bee pollen.

· Respiratory conditions

Bee pollen, like royal jelly, also has a number of antioxidants that can stop an asthma attack before its onset. These antioxidants have anti inflammatory effects on lung tissues which means your respiratory system is kept in excellent condition.

· Treats addictions

It treats addiction in the most effective way, squashing them before they come. Bee pollen suppresses impulses therefore saving you the agony of resisting the cravings. For this reason, scientists are looking into its role in weight management.

· Infertility issues

Bee pollen stimulates ovarian function and in cases where the effects are adverse restores it. It does this since it boosts the production of the requisite hormones. Aside from accelerating pregnancy, it is also an aphrodisiac!

These are just a few of the benefits that have motivated the craze behind these two super-foods. It is amazing how an insect with such a sour sting can have so much to offer to human health.

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