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Wilco Sandwich Shop Begs The Question: What Band Would You Eat?

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 4:30 pm

After perusing the menu of Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Co., a new Wilco-themed sandwich shop in Toronto, and reading about Led Zeppole, a Village-based restaurant that celebrates both powdered confections and classic rock, I began thinking of how five of my favorite bands might be interpreted through food.  Below, a list of the music I want to sink my teeth into.

1. Moz-erella Sticks

Since the almighty pope of mope, Morrissey, is vegetarian, I’ve fashioned an appetizer that both respects his militant anti-meat stance and expands on a possible alternate meaning of the nickname that his adoring fans have given him.  Deeply-fried cheese for the deeply depressed teenager in you!

2. Animal Collective-Style Burger

In-N-Out, the fast food restaurant indigenous to California, has a not-so-secret menu with a serious cult following.  Ordering something “Animal Style” gets you basically every topping on the menu loaded on top of your burger.  The toppings, though, are basic - tomato, onions, snore. An Animal Collective-Style Burger would reinvent that idea the way all your friends say they reinvented music.  They’d get art-house and abstract on that shit - I’m talking a cheeseburger with Strawberry Jam and “Bad Crumbs” on top.  In true Animal Collective fashion, it’s pretty offbeat and better when you’re stoned.

3. Neutral Milkshake Hotel

Even The King of Carrot Flowers probably gets bored of all those root vegetables on occasion, so it’s okay to indulge a little with this milkshake as you bitch about how you never got to see Neutral Milk Hotel live.

4. Elvis CosJello

“It’s the stupid details that my heart is breaking for/It’s the way your shoulders shake and what they’re shaking for,” Elvis Costello sings in “I Want You.”  If he likes a little tremor enough to fall in love with someone over it, he’ll be even more enamored of this wiggly dish.  I’m thinking that the mold should be shaped like his boxy Buddy Holly glasses.

5. Yo La Mango Juice

This goes perfectly with that delicious dessert your clumsy grandmother made by mistake, or possibly that tiny statue of Mt. Rushmore made with cheese.  As satisfying and sweet as listening to the band itself.

Pun lovers: What would your menu look like?

Special thanks to Shannon Hassett!