New Music From Panda Bear

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 12:15 pm

On January 15, ambient artist Panda Bear debuted a slew of all-new songs at a show at Hebbel Am Ufer in Germany.  Many were guitar-based, which is a new direction for the artist, who has largely used electronic means to create his catalog of music in the past.  Many of the tracks, however, continue in his tradition of creating songs that sound equally melody- and machination-based.  Much of the new music is reminiscent of accidental arpeggios played by a ton of beeping machines in a factory warehouse, layered under full, drawn-out vocal lines, which are often repeated for emphasis.

The show was accompanied by the gorgeous video arrangements that characterize seeing Panda Bear live, as seen in this video for the only song that wasn’t brand-new, a version of Animal Collective’s “Daily Routine.”

You can find a download of the new tracks here.