Martha Coakley Vs. Scott Brown: Will A Brown Victory Prove Kennedy Curse?

Stephen Blackwell :: Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 5:30 pm

Much has been made of Scott Brown’s sexiness, and believe me I see it. This guy blows away Obama’s “hot nerds.” He makes Jon Favreau look like Screech.

Now, this is only a slight digression from the salient issue — the stall of healthcare reform — which is inexorably tied to Brown’s victory or defeat. His “I’m a dude, you’re a dude” appeal has gone a long way with Massachusetts voters, as Coakley’s HRC-styled hauteur doesn’t exactly inspire the Southies.

There are over twenty-five million articles online right now (author speculation) insinuating that a Brown victory would lead to the death of healthcare reform and a reversal of fortune for the Democratic party. We’ll see, won’t we? The irony here is that it’s Ted Kennedy’s vacant seat that is causing the uproar.

Democrats have gone from a healthcare-reform-or-bust attitude to such wimpy quotes as “we will have healthcare one way or another” (Pelosi) all in a few days. Where is Ted Kennedy’s “The cause of my life attitude” when you need it? Buried with him and his brothers, perhaps?

Kennedy, before he died, wrote a very compelling argument for our nation’s universal health care for the cover of Newsweek. He batted for it throughout his career, and even had the Kennedy’s rally behind Obama instead of HRC, who blew health care once already in the previous decade.

Were he still alive, the national conversation would still be focussed on Haiti. Ironically, all signs indicate Kennedy’s old Senate seat is about to be filled by a young Republican who thinks universal healthcare is as un-american as Allah.

Airplane crashes, assassinations, and the work of your life being undone solely by the fact that you happened to die at precisely the wrong time. Is the Kennedy curse real?

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