Nude Retreat, Sponsored By Yeasayer

Gray Hurlburt :: Thursday, November 19th, 2009 12:30 pm

To garner more interest in their upcoming LP, Odd Blood, the mad-scientists at Yeasayer have concocted a bizarre concept video for the single “Ambling Alp”. While it would be false to consider this as a proper music-video, because the track is more of an abridged science-museum-exhibit background loop, there’s a keyed factor at the forefront of dudes and dudettes á la nude, which has serially become a trend in recent history: re Girls, Flaming Lips, Carrie Prejean. Go ahead and check it out at Just be warned, reader, it’s a bit creepy and a bit NSFW—you might even get the feeling of having entered R2D2’s wet dream.