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Air Teams Up With RjDj To Release iPhone App

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 1:15 pm

French band Air and London-based music technology company RjDj have combined forces and created an iPhone application that allows users to play with Air’s music in interesting ways.  Interactive features let fans record their own voices and sounds and integrate them into the music.

There are five different methods of personalizing the tracks.  “Chanter” records the user’s own voice and sounds and introduces them into the mix.  “Harmonie” is a vocoder-type technology that mixes and harmonizes the sounds, blending them with parts of the song.  “Papillon” takes tiny samples of sound and creates “audio butterflies” of them, which are scattered throughout the song.  “Voler” creates a “rising texture” that layers and filters reality with the music.  “Voyage” is a hybrid of all of the aforementioned things.

This idea is a fresh take on remixes of prerecorded music.  Where DJs were once the only people well-versed enough in technological know-how to interact with a band’s work, anyone with an iPhone can now create their own versions of Air’s songs.  I like artwork that gives its audience an opportunity to directly interact with its form, and this is a cool way of expressing that musically.

To hear samples, click here.  That link will also direct you to the contest that is being held in conjunction with the launch.  To enter, submit your version of Air’s music created with the application.