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Confession: I’m A Vegetarian Who Loves Heart-Attack-y Food Blogs

Amy Rose Spiegel :: Friday, February 5th, 2010 5:00 pm

Recently, I decided to stop eating meat, which is huge for this meatloaf-and-gravy-lover.  My newfound vegetarianism basically means that I now eat only pizza and broccoli (never combined, I find that vegetables make pizza too soggy), my favorite meatless foods.  Truthfully, I can’t say I’m mad at that.  However, I love to live vicariously through food blogs that showcase record amounts of trans fats and what appears to be deep-fried lard.  If you’re also a reluctant vegetarian, or maybe just an unapologetically-indulgent eater, I’m sure you’ll love these links, too.

Fancy Fast Food.  For those who love fast food and are constantly shamed by their more progressive gourmand friends, this site is for you. They’ve turned the same greasy dishes that you would order at a drive-thru into stunningly-presented arrabiattas and flambes.  Warning: The sneak in you may be inspired to prank those same friends into eating what they so love to detest with nary a protest when you serve these recipes at a dinner party.

Insanewiches.  These artful sandwiches are sculptures in meat and cheese.  They are often hysterical, but almost always impressive.  See: The Jersey Shore Lunch and the iconic Rubix Cubewich.

This is why you’re fat.  With dishes like the most recent entry, Bacontinos (bacon-wrapped Totino’s pizza rolls), stoners may be inspired to write ill-conceived arias about the munchie heaven to be found here.

Epic Portions.  They focus mostly on eating mostly mountainous sandwiches and pizzas, which, for a girl whose dream used to be to win a wing- or hot-dog-eating contest, is my bread and butter (but tons more butter, you know?).

Side note: I had entered a wing-eating contest scheduled for this weekend, but my poorly-timed bout of vegetarianism intervened, alas.  Does anybody want to give me a solid fake-chicken-wing recipe as a consolation prize for what I surely would have won?