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Noah And The Whale Tour Diary: Day 1, Los Angeles

Alex Moore :: Thursday, November 19th, 2009 11:45 am

Noah And The Whale recently came over from the UK for a whirlwind romp in the states in support of their new record and film, The First Days Of Spring.

We asked Charlie Fink and the gang to take some photos and document their time in the states. Being photographically-inclined, it turned out very cool.

Follow the jump to embark on Noah And The Whale’s Tour Diary, exclusively for D+T. Day One: Los Angeles.

Day 1: I’d like to start this whole thing by highlighting the contrast between these two pictures. We’d already been touring europe for over a month, with the last uk show the day before we flew to LA. Considering airports are usually the start of an adventure, i find their vast, oversized nature pretty unexciting.

Regardless, after a 10 hour flight we arrived in the comforting evening heat of Los Angeles (winter was in full swing in England when we left). Waking up after a well earned sleep to find the roof of our hotel had not only a pool but a tennis court, we soon forgot about the cold and rain that we had left at home and decided to spend the afternoon fully taking advantage of these facilities.

But first Charlie, Urby and Fred went on a guitar buying expedition to try and replace guitars that were stolen on the UK tour, and Tom and myself went on a trip up the Getter Center in Beverly Hills. Whilst some of the art we saw was ok, the real stars of the show here are the architecture, gardens and views from the balconies. Our day off ended with cinema and dinner with Cherrytree records, our american label.

The next day we had a promo day so did an interview by the pool and then our first photoshoot as a 5 piece. At the end of summer, Fred joined the band on guitar and keys and Charlie’s brother Doug left the group in September and i took over on drumming duties. The photographer’s friend lived in an apartment block with an empty pool so we took some shots there.

In the evening we showed the film that comes with “The First Days Of Spring” at an our door screen in Hollywood. The cocktails at the place were great so by the time it came around to the Q & A after the screening, everyone felt more confident about doing it.

The following day is the show day. Here, an expectant crowd awaits our arrival on stage. The aftershow was at a place called Jones where the label treated us to the best apple pie we have ever tasted. I missed out on this for some unknown reason. -Charlie Fink