The Black Lips, Here They Come Again

Gray Hurlburt :: Friday, November 6th, 2009 1:10 pm

The drug train is leaving the station again! and The Black Lips want everyone that likes their sloppy styles to come aboard. What does this mean? Well, the nefarious band is poised to get back on tour is what it is. They kick it off on the last day of 2009 in their hometown, Atlanta, GA, then steam up the west coast with five more shows in the Golden State, the ostensible pot den of America. But that seems to be all the time they have for us yanks, for they’ll be heading over to the equally indulgent continent of Australia for several other gigs. Dates for The Black Lips provided after the jump.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
12/31/09       ATLANTA, GA                               THE EARL
1/20/10         COSTA MESA, CA                        THE DETROIT BAR
1/21/10          SAN FRANCISCO, CA                 GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL
1/22/10         POMONA, CA                                THE GLASSHOUSE
1/23/10         LOS ANGELES, CA                      EL REY THEATRE
1/24/10         SAN DIEGO, CA                           THE CASBAH
1/29/10         BRISBANE                                     LANEWAY FESTIVAL
1/30/10         MELBOURNE                               LANEWAY FESTIVAL
1/31/10          SYDNEY                                         LANEWAY FESTIVAL
2/01/10         AUCKLAND                                   LANEWAY FESTIVAL
2/02/10        WELLINGTON                              SFBH
2/04/10        MELBOURNE                               CORNER HOTEL
2/05/10         ADELAIDE                                    LANEWAY FESTIVAL
2/06/10         PERTH                                           LANEWAY FESTIVAL
2/08/10         SYDNEY                                        MANNING BAR