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Mind Control: Hidden Pervy Messaging in Movies

Carmel Lobello :: Monday, June 14th, 2010 2:00 pm

Subliminal messaging in movies isn’t always a diabolical plot intended to brainwash you into forking all your cash over to evil corporations. Sometimes it’s actually a diabolical plot to get you naked. Whether the creepy hidden images are a result of editing mistakes, purposeful manipulation, or the workings of a pervy child actor (see example 1), they’re always funny to uncover. To start your week off right, we’ve compiled a list of both famous and lesser known hidden (mostly perverted) messages from some of Hollywood’s biggest films. Check it out after the jump.

Doc Brown’s Pervy Son: To think that all this time we thought Back to the Future III was kind of a waste. Check out Doc Brown’s son being an underage creepster in this famous scene.

Munchkin Hanging: The famous tale of the lovelorn munchkin suicide from The Wizard of Oz, was probably just a bird from the LA Zoo that was brought in to make the scene seem more “wild” and “realistic.” It still looks scary though.

The Little Mermaid Boner: Disney claims that that the protrusion below the Priest’s belt is just his knee. Ted Haggard said the same thing.

Aladdin Dirty Talk: When Have you ever started watching Aladdin and found yourself completely naked at the end? Oh really? Good, me neither. Disney claims that the original line in the script was “C’mon, good kitty… take off and go”, while the closed captioning says, “Good kitty, take off.”

The Rescuers: This cut-and-paste special effect was way ahead of its time for 1977.

The Lion King Sex Cloud: Most people agree that when Simba collapses the cloud of dust spells out “Sex”, but some also say that it says “STYX” in honor of the 80’s band and that a few notes from “Mr. Roboto” can be heard when the letters appear.

Three Men and a Baby Ghost: The ghost in the back of this scene from Three Men and a Baby is actually a cardboard cutout of Ted Dansen in a top hat (only slightly less creepy) that was integral to another storyline in the movie, and probably accidentally left in frame by an inexperienced art department PA.

Smallville Phone Commercial: In this clip from Smallville, the word “Sprint” can be seen in the special effects, sort of stretching the definition of product placement.

Harry Potter’s Lion King Rip Off: It’s arguable whether or not the light arrangement in the Hogwarts dining hall spells out “sex” or not, but if it does, isn’t that a blatant rip-off from The Lion King?